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About Online Student Services

Online Student Services ( OSS ) is an added value information service available at no charge to all students enrolled at British International Colleges and Schools in South Africa.

It is intended to help improve access to relevant academic information, and to be a useful tool to assist our valued students ( and parents or guardians! ) with the management of their academic careers.

OSS is subject to continuous development and improvement, and our aim is for OSS to ultimately form a core component of our greater integrated communication systems matrix.

Users are invited to provide us with comments or constructive advice as to how to further improve this information service offering.

Help and Support for Online Student Services

Should you have a specific technical query, please submit a support request here.

Alternatively, should you wish to speak to someone personally, please feel free to contact us at +27 11 706 7775 at any time during normal College hours, and ask for 'OSS System Support'.