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Welcome to the British International Private Exam Candidates Portal

British International College assists Private Exam Candidates to enter and write Cambridge Examinations for IGCSE and A Level qualifications.

Students registered with BIC or BIDC and previous Private Exam Candidates can write Cambridge examinations at our accredited exam venues.

Information Guide (FAQ)


Cambridge Examination Entry: British International College assists Private Exam Candidates to enter and write Cambridge Examinations for IGCSE and A Level qualifications.

Academic Consultations: Should you have any academic, qualification, paper combination or general enquiry, Private Exam Candidates can book a skype or face to face Academic Consultation. Please note, consultations are booked at a non-refundable fee.

Topic Tutorials (Private Lessons): Private Exam Candidates registered for the upcoming Cambridge exam session can purchase Topic Tutorials with our Cambridge certified Tutors.

To purchases these services, please register or login to our portal.

Registration and course material:

Private Exam Candidates are not registered as British International Colleges and Schools students. .

Private Exam Candidates do not receive course material.

If you require course material, please contact the College to discuss fulltime or distance learning options on tel:+27 11 706-7775

Paper selection:

It is the responsibility of the Private Exam Candidate to research their course and exam paper selections prior to entering for examinations, in order to ensure they achieve their desired result. If academic advice is required, an academic consultation prior to entering for the examinations can be arranged.


All examinations are marked by Cambridge in the UK.

No examination papers are returned by Cambridge.

Provisional results are released on results day.

Official Statement of Results are received 2 weeks after results are released.

Results breakdown:

UNGRADED: Indicates that the candidate's performance fell short of the standard required for a Grade. The qualification in that subject is therefore not achieved.

NO RESULT: Indicates that a result cannot be issued because of absence for the whole or part of the examination in the syllabus or because of a Cambridge decision not to issue a result for some other reason.

PENDING: Indicates that a result cannot be issued at present but will follow in due course.

Cambridge charges a substantial fee for Results Enquiries. A breakdown of these fees and the procedure for Results Enquires can be emailed upon request.


Original Certificates are only received from Cambridge 3 months after the close of an exam session.

Certificates can be collected from the Exams Office at the Bryanston campus. An email request needs to be sent to and Certificates will be made available 48hrs after receiving the request.

Couriering of certificates is at the cost of the person requesting the courier

Fees and Penalties:

Candidate entry fees, penalty fees and all administrative fees are non-refundable.

Cambridge examination fees are only refunded once Cambridge have issued the refund at the end of each examination session.

Penalties are based on application date.

Penalties will not be waivered regardless of the circumstances.

We are not associated with British Council South Africa. We are a fully registered Cambridge Examination Centre in our own right and may have different entry dates and penalty fees.

Cambridge examination entries, Topic Tutorials and consultations bookings are only processed once online payment has been completed.

Special Arrangements / Concessions:

Should you require special exam arrangements (such as additional time or exam equipment and etc.), then you will need to request a quotation from the Private Candidate Team.

An email listing the examinations you wish to write accompanies with a Doctor’s note or Psychologists report requesting the special arrangements will need to be sent to

The request will then be sent to Cambridge for decision.

In the event you are granted the special arrangement, a quotation for these special arrangements will be sent to you.

These services incur additional charges from the standard entry.

Additional charges will need to be settled before the concessions is inplace.

Payments need to be made by 30 April for the May/June and by 30 September for the October/November exam session.

Cambridge requires an application be completed prior to each exam session.

Technical Stuff:

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